The Politics of Human Reform

Let’s face it, we’ve become increasingly aware of the ongoing incompetence and corruption that weaves throughout our government. At every turn, both Democrats and Republicans do something new to further erode our confidence. And while they continue to disappoint us on a daily basis, they hold the door wide open for a third party to waltz into their seemingly comfortable and secure two-party system. There couldn’t be a better time for a nationwide political makeover. But to successfully seize this opportunity, we must re-invent what it means to be a “party for the people.” A party that is impervious to corruption in a sustainable manner must abandon what it knows about politics and reinvent itself. It must be a party that firmly stands on moral ground. And to do that, it must be built from the ground up.

Resisting temptation in the political arena isn’t easy. It requires an unyielding commitment to purpose and an understanding of who we serve. It requires steadfast adherence to a crystalline code of ethics based on natural, universal moral principles so intuitive that even a child can understand them. It requires a gut check, and retaining our knowledge of right and wrong, even when we’re under tremendous pressure to comply and we’ve been given a thousand justifications to ease our conscience and choose the option that serves our own best interests. And it’s our personal satisfaction, time and again, by choosing the noble path, knowing we’ve done the right thing for the people we’ve been elected to serve.

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“Our solution begins here”



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