An American Apocalypse

Jeff Kurtz
3 min readMar 3, 2018

Throughout the course of our lifetimes, we are given many opportunities to change our behavior for the better. Oftentimes, we fail to recognize or understand the lessons that life is trying to gracefully teach us. Instead, we remain steadfast in our routines and choose to look the other way. Others may see us for who we are, but we latch onto the familiar and embrace our denial. That is, until something comes along to shake our reality. These life-altering experiences grab us by the face and force us to look into the mirror. If we choose to accept who we really are, change our reality and modify our behavior, it is at that moment we realize what life had been trying to teach us all along.

A Call to Virtue

The problems we experience in our country today are symptoms of a much deeper cause, emerging from a culture of selfishness, overindulgence, and indifference. It’s the social value system we were born into, taught to uphold, and conditioned to model over time. It has become our own personal value system. Our identity. It’s what defines us.

And primarily because we are at the mercy of society to fulfill our basic needs for survival, we do little more than make noise about the blatant corruption in our government, the exploitations of our military, and the rise of an increasingly rigid political regime that has little to no regard for basic human rights or planetary welfare.

We are the bully on the world playground, having recently bombed Syria, Afghanistan, and threatened North Korea. Our “America First” foreign policies are isolating us from the rest of the planet. Even our allies don’t like us. Our bad behavior is causing worldwide psychological and social damage that will likely come back to bite us.

As we watch events play out in our country and throughout the world, we have a sense of a great potential danger. We’ve become vigilant; and every fiber of our being has heightened awareness. This is our wake-up call. The teacher is holding our head to the mirror, pleading with us to take responsibility for our actions. This may be one of the few chances we have left to reverse our direction and rise from the abyss.

Though we may not want to accept it, deep down, we know the truth. The world we see is a reflection of ourselves. It’s our creation. If we fail to accept who we are and make the necessary changes, we are doomed to meet the same fate that all great civilizations have suffered throughout history. We must replace our arrogance with humility, and we must create a habit of abiding by natural, universal principles of morality. We can continue our selfish ways and descend deeper into despair, or we can reimagine ourselves and our world by choosing a life of virtue that aims to achieve our greatest good.

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